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  • Shenzhen headquarters:

    Address: Longgang District, Pinghu Town, 169 Liang Liang Road, No.

    Tel: 13417516079

    Shantou branch operation center:

    Address: shantou university road no. 66 2) general logistics market

    Huizhou office:

    Address: East Logistics Park town of freshwater is on the Huiyang District of Huizhou city gate

    Tel: 13428086970

    Dongguan office:

    Address: Dongguan City Wanjiang Street Jane Shazhou Commercial Street No. 22

    Tel: 15812899699

    Guangzhou office:

    Address: Huadu District Shiling Town of Tuanji road junction with the lion Wanlianda parking lot Wu Yue freight

    Tel: 13417516079

    Zhongshan office:

    Address: Zhongshan City, Dong Feng Zhen Ji Chang Cun Xing Chang Lu (high-speed bridge bottom iron shed plant No. A3)

    Tel: 13417516079

    Foshan office:

    Address: Foshan city Lecong District Shunde town ring Town Road Longwei logistics park in the Southern District A1 block 06 warehouse

    Tel: 13417516079

About Us
  • The world of removal and relocation services is continually undergoing rapid changes. It is becoming increasingly global in its design and organisation and more and more local in every stage of its implementation.      Throughout these changes, Yuanbo has one and only goal: the complete satisfaction of our customers and partners.      To achieve this lasting objective our company is carrying out many actions simultaneously.      Firstly, for 5 years, Yuanbo has invested in analysing and understanding the needs of its customers. This analysis has resulted in the research and development of materials and packaging methods, procedures, logistics, and monitoring or communication methods with the sole purpose of continuous improvement in the quality of services offered...

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